#reviewoftheweek / O.A.R. - The Rockville LP

O.A.R. have been there and back again. That's just what this album is about. Touring for the better part of the past 20 years, after having formed in high school and come into their own in college, O.A.R. have finally brought it all back to where they began. The album sounds like a band who is writing and recording their first batch of songs, only the difference is, they sound like they're doing it with years of experience. Named for where their roots lie, the album features only 10 new songs to add to the band's extensive catalogue, but some of them are classics in the making. The first single "Peace" is in the same vein as previous singles such as "Shattered" and "Heaven" which are full of pop rock simplicity and radio friendly sing-along lyrics. Other tracks like "We'll Pick Up Where We Left Off" and "So Good So Far" are destined to be crowd pleasing fan favorites. "The Architect," which is arguably the best on the disc, features the band's signature funkiness and is sure to turn into a 10+ minute jam session live on stage. Their reggae roots are prevalent on the album's opener, "Two Hands Up" and "Caroline The Wrecking Ball," which was co-written by friend and touring buddy Stephen Kellogg, is a true O.A.R. storyteller. All in all, the album encompasses elements of each album in the band's history, wrapping up a sound that tells a story and a vision of the journey the band has been on so far.