#reviewoftheweek / Dawes - All Your Favorite Bands

This is a jam band album! Don't let that fool or scare you. It's just that the music on this album is vast and expansive when it needs to be. There are a ton of guitar solos, that despite their seemingly never ending length on the album, are sure to turn into 6+ minute endeavors when the songs are played live on stage. That all being said, it's still a Dawes record, and Taylor Goldsmith's imprint is everywhere on the album, and the music is just as familiar and inviting as all their previous releases. His storytelling lyrics are present in each of the 9 songs, and both subtlety and obviousness are prevalent. The title track is probably the albums quietest and most poignant, with songs like "Things Happen" and "Right On Time" playing the roles of the most radio-friendly. Some of those masterful guitar solos can be found on "Don't Send Me Away" and "I Can't Think About It Now." The closing track clocks in at over 9 minutes long, further showcasing the band's venture into the jam scene. They are still and indie rock band, but have embraced their instruments just as much as they have embraced Goldsmith's songwriting, making for a killer, yet small, collection of awesome new songs. This album has opened a whole new set of doors for Dawes, and up is pretty much the only way from here.