#reviewoftheweek / Josh Rouse - The Embers Of Time

As time goes on, musicians change, and this latest album is a testament to the growth and evolution of a musician. Rouse began his career as an a singer/songwriter who embraced the alt-country movement, helping to bring college radio musicians to the mainstream. As his subsequent albums moved along, he got a bit more pop driven and much of his music became a bit more upbeat. Later on his music took on a bit more of a beachy, light-hearted folk feel, and now he's come full circle, taking all of his past and molding it into his excellent new collection of songs. The album's first single "Some Days I'm Golden All Night" embraces his pop side, showing off the breezy folk sounds he's know for and clever lyricism. "New Young" showcases his alt-country roots and harnesses the power of the true folk singer inside him, drawing on influences that must include everyone from Bob Dylan to Willie Nelson. All in all, he's a true storyteller, and much of the album takes you along on a journey with Rouse. It's not an accident that it's 17 years since his first release and he's still churning out relevant, complete, and impressive albums.