CD REVIEW: Still Time "See America"

Reviews don't usually start out with a critique of the album art, however, this album art is excellent and intriguing and some of the best the has recently come around. That being said, the album should be expected to live up to the same expectations. Well, it does! On this album, Still Time, a young, regionally popular, roots rock band from northern California, delivers some of the best blues and soul infused rock of any independent act today. The album and band's sound can draw comparisons to Blues Traveler (especially the harmonica player) and DMB, and on this album they showcase the same type of energy that helped those bands achieve the success they currently enjoy. On songs like "Come Alive" and "Old Soul" you can feel the vibe and energy that is present in the early independent recordings or O.A.R. and Virginia Coalition, both having received national fame as a result. The lead singer sounds a lot like Will Hoge, and at times even a little like John Popper, while still remaining himself. Other standout tracks include the title track and "The Great Sea." With this album, the national stage is set for this up-and-coming band, and they could be one of the leaders of the next generation of great roots rock and jam bands.