What is the BURN THIS compilation?

THISisMODERN.net created the BURN THIS compilation in the beginning of 2006. Basically, it's just a guide. BURN THIS is a 20 song compilation tracklist that is posted to the site on the 1st day of each month. This monthly compilation tracklist is for you to utilize to recreate an incredibly great mix CD (never longer than 80 minutes) consisting of some of the best songs by the best artists you may or may not have heard of. Unfortunately, the tracks and the compilation are not downloadable directly from THISisMODERN.net. Instead, you'll have to support these musicians by purchasing the tracks physically or digitally from the artists themselves, or from great online sites such as iTunes, Amazon.com, and/or eMusic. THISisMODERN.net does not distribute copies of the BURN THIS compilation. Also, if you really dig the BURN THIS graphic or any of the THISisMODERN.net graphics you see on the site, or have seen on previous incarnations of the site, that's all thanks to Michael Hollis and his incredibly artistic creativity. Feel free to use our graphics in designing packaging for your copies of each BURN THIS compilation. Enjoy creating your own copy of BURN THIS each month!

Previous BURN THIS tracklists (from January 2006 through August 2009) can be found here.