CD REVIEW: Angel Taylor "Love Travels"

Angel Taylor doesn't fit the mold of any one type of female singer/songwriter. She is her own unique personality with a very familiar sound. He debut album features collaborations by Brendan James and Jason Reeves and as a result her album takes on a quality heard in both collaborators' individual albums. She will, and should, be compared to Colbie Caillat, mostly because of the feel and the production quality of her album. She is in no way and this album certainly isn't a carbon copy of any of Caillat's releases. In fact, Taylor's sound features much more soul and much less of an at-the-beach feel than Colbie's music. The album is full of wonderful compositions with "Like You Do" and "Make Me Believe" surely becoming the popular favorites. There are subtleties to the album that showcase the realness of Angel Taylor and she will definitely become a star if she keeps up singing and performing like this album.