CD REVIEW: Ashleigh Mannix "Sparkle"

Australia is a mecca for mellow music. They have yet to churn out, however, a really good mellow singer/songwriter that is a female. Someone to rival the likes of Tristan Prettyman and Colbie Caillat. Well, look no further than Ashleigh Mannix. Her second EP is a short display of exactly that: mellow acoustic rock music. Her songwriting is simple, yet poignant and her songs are sing-along tunes, once you learn the words. The entire vibe of this release sets you into a mellow mood and not matter where in the world, brings you right to the beach sitting at the edge of the crashing waves. The world is currently buzzing on her latest single, "Pieces Of You," which can be found on her first EP, which can only mean that a full album of all the good stuff is on the way. It won't be long before she's a worldwide sensation, but for now we can dig on this.