CD REVIEW: Bob Schneider "Lovely Creatures"

He certainly has a way with words, and on this album Bob Schneider keeps up the good work by delivering a new batch of clever lyrics, heartfelt stories, and tongue-in-cheek metaphors. The first single, "40 Dogs (Like Romeo & Juliet)," mixes his natural way with words with a catchy hook and makes for a surprising hit. "The Bringdown" is one of Bob's more musically interesting tracks, combining his stunning lyrical prowess with a slow groove and some guitar solos that really amaze. Patty Griffin lends a little vocal assistance on a updated reworking of the song "Changing Your Mind." Bob's from Texas which isn't far from Mexico, so his Latin flavor really shines on two classic live staples brought into the studio for the first time, "Tarantula" and "Bombonanza." The song "Trash," which leads it all off, stemmed from a songwriting game that he and fellow wordsmith Jason Mraz play through e-mail. Overall, Bob Schneider is one of the most unique singer/songwriters performing these days and on his newest album he may have proven that when you are at the top of your game, there's still room to go higher.