CD REVIEW: Motion City Soundtrack "My Dinosaur Life"

More so than ever before Motion City Soundtrack are at the top of their game. Poised to become the band at the forefront of a movement, the lyrics have become the star of each of the songs on this album. The movement they will lead is a change from emphasis on headbanging, hard crunchy guitars, and pop punk music to an emphasis on the lyrical content of the music being the driving force behind the success. No longer will a catchy guitar hook, a drum beat, or even a single clever chorus line be the deciding factor in who succeeds and who fails in the world of punk rock. Now, the entire message and delivery of that message will matter more than the sound of the music. Motion City Soundtrack have achieved more of a sound closely resembling Jimmy Eat World on this album than that of bands such as Fall Out Boy. Similar critical and popular success should follow for MCS as it did for Jimmy Eat World just a few years ago. Not that these boys aren't or haven't been taken seriously, but this album will help their fanbase branch out to other listeners that may have dismissed them as a certain type of band with a certain type of sound. Standout tracks are definitely "A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)," Her Words Destroyed My Planet," and "Disappear." Not since their first album, which was not as widely appreciated, has MCS delivered such a potent collection of music.