CD REVIEW: Norah Jones "The Fall"

Norah Jones at the very core is a jazz performer and one of the greatest in recent music history, as proof by her many Grammy awards won for her debut album. On her last album she showed off what she could do in the world of country music, added a little of that flavor where possible. It's now, finally, that she dives deep into the world of indie rock music. On "The Fall" she wrote many of the songs herself, with co-writing credits going to Jesse Harris, who wrote her Grammy winning song "Don't Know Why," as well as indie rock legend Ryan Adams. The song "Chasing Pirates" is by far one of the best songs of 2009, with Norah passing on her traditional piano for a very spooky synthesizer, while adding some borderline spooky vocals. Norah has proven time and time again to be one of this generation's prolific voices and on this latest release, she has proven that her sound and her songs know no boundaries.