CD REVIEW: Parker House And Theory "Automatic Stranger"

This young, up-and-coming jam band has released a brilliant new album that is sure to put them on the map as a serious force in the jam rock world. They are somewhere on the jam spectrum midway between Phish and O.A.R., kind of like Dave Matthews Band without the world music influence. Instead, inject a ton of funk and soul and you've got exactly their sound. This album, their best release to date, is all about having fun. Each and every song makes you want to dance, rock out, or just chill. The layers of musicality mixed with the cleverness of the lyrics shows promise that this band has what it takes to become a powerhouse. "Breaking Down" is hands down the best song on the album, however, every other song comes in a close second. Parker House And Theory are the real deal and deliver an outstanding mix of music that leaves you wanting more.