CD REVIEW: Pete Kilpatrick Band "Shapes And Sounds"

The last two albums released by Pete Kilpatrick Band we awesome. So it would only be fitting that they follow up those two with an equally awesome release. Well, the only thing that is not awesome about "Shapes And Sounds" is that it's only five songs long! Pete Kilpatrick and his musical buddies sure know how to put together quality collections of music. "Feel It" is classic PKB, full of catchy hooks, clever instrumentation, and their signature sound. It clocks in over five minutes, which is a change from the typical pop rock songs that Kilpatrick is used to releasing. Each song on the EP takes the band to another level musically, while still remaining true to their roots and their sound. The band will surely be adding "Dear July" and "Rock And Roll Never Changes" to heavy rotation in their live performances because they are destined to become fan favorites. Fellow Maine musician Marie Moreshead also lends her beautiful vocals as a guest on "City's Beating Heart." Hopefully this is just a prelude of the next chapter in the PKB story, because it's surely a tease to just have five new incredible songs, but it's better than having to wait!