CD REVIEW: Andrew Belle "The Ladder"

Andrew Belle is one of the brightest young talents in the independent music world these days. He has managed to deliver a debut full length album that is just as good as anything backed by a major label. He has already managed to get his music placed throughout popular television shows, which if previous successes are of any value (i.e. The Fray, Mat Kearney) then he should reap the benefits greatly. That all being said, Andrew Belle has delivered some of the finest compositions from any singer/songwriter. His duet with Katie Herzig, "Static Waves," is a fun, poppy tune that shows off his awesome songwriting and his catchy vocals. "Don't Blame Yourself" and "Add It Up" are also incredibly written and performed and definitely two of the best on the disc. With this album, Andrew Belle is sure to make waves and it won't be before long that he is as successful as the aforementioned artists.