CD REVIEW: Army Of Me "Make Yourself Naked" EP

After a successful debut album, Army Of Me are back with a new EP of songs that are incredibly different from their first album. The difference is that this EP plays and sounds more like a demo for their next album than a fully produced and realized collection of music. That being said, it is nice to hear an alternative rock band in their purest stripped down form. In a way, it is as if they are unplugged. "On My Way" sounds more like a singer/songwriter performance than that of a full band and remarkably is as outstanding as the standout tracks from their debut album. A more indie rock sound is showcased on "Lost At Sea," which is possibly the best of the five tracks. Some of these songs may get the full treatment in the future and appear on the next full blown studio album by Army Of Me. For now, it's great to hear what these guys are working on and know that they are turning out quality music, even without all the bells and whistles.