CD REVIEW: Barefoot Truth "Threads"

Roots rock music is a special type of genre of music. It's a cross between traditional American rock and roll and sixties folk music, with an emphasis on organic sounds and instrumentation. Barefoot Truth is a prime example of what it is to be a great roots rock band. Barefoot Truth, on the heels of this album, are poised to fill the void left by the breakup of independent roots rock legends Dispatch. The album has a handful of excellent tracks that showcase their live band sound in the studio. "Damage Done" is an updated version of an older track that is one of the harder rockers on the album, preceded by a didgeridoo-filled instrumental track "JaJu Call." The star of the disc is "Spoonful," which is incredibly heavy on acoustic guitar and shows off the band's love for reggae music. "All Good Reasons," a previously released single, appears on the album and has already become a classic Barefoot Truth tune. "From The Earth" and "Roots Of Stone" show off their earthy jam band qualities and are sure to become staples of their live setlists. Horns and harmonica are also found throughout the album, adding yet another layer to the band's already intricate orchestration. So far, this is the best independently released album of 2010, and it's so good it may still be come year's end.