CD REVIEW: Bearquarium "Bearquarium"

From jazz to funk to rock to soul, Bearquarium has managed to master each on their self titled album. This virtually unknown band has managed to harness the energy of their live shows and bottle it up in the studio, serving it to us as a seemingly never ending display of fun. Each of the eight tracks on this album has twists and turns keeping you pumped up to listen and mesmerized by their groove. It is a pretty equal mix of lyrical and instrumental songs The vocals stylings of the band's singer Justin Panigutti and female guest vocalist Lauren Dabkowski add another excellent layer to the mix, and the vocals and lyrics don't take away from what the rest of the band has going on. In fact, they are an intricate part where they appear, almost acting an an instrument themselves. The bottom line is that Bearquarium are a bright shining star in a sea of monotonous music. Although their style of music may not be quite what the mass populous is looking for, anyone who wants a departure from their everyday should get into this album.