CD REVIEW: Courtney Jaye "The Exotic Sounds Of Courtney Jaye"

Going it on her own on her second album, Courtney Jaye has managed to create one of the best and most creative albums in years, and an effort that is better than her incredible debut. Jaye has managed to mix a tropical vibe with a Nashville country sound that is in a league all its own, which she released completely independently. Her songwriting is out of control and she is proving to be one of the brightest female singer/songwriters in recent years. "I Need Love," the album's first track, starts things of right showcasing this new and unique style. The album is heavy on the acoustic guitar, with hints of ukulele, slack key, and slide guitar throughout. The album's standout track is "Sweet Ride," Jaye's own take on the traditional love song. She truly has a talent that is all her own, and shines on tracks like "Tiger's Eye," which prior to the album release was already receiving critical praise, and "Sometimes Always," which features a guest vocal appearance by Band Of Horses lead singer Ben Bridwell. The album is bright, feel good, and full of sunshine and happy energy. Courtney Jaye may have managed to find a place in the music world that she will be able to fill with her own style of positive energy for many years to come.