CD REVIEW: Mishka "Talk About"

Chilled out reggae music is something that Mishka is familiar with, does well, and is known for. This time around, all that holds true, but with the addition of one more element: pop music. Mishka, who's recent successes can be partially attributed to Matthew McConaughey (he owns the record label), has written a batch of new songs for this album that contain some of his best to date. The album's first single is "Bittersweet" and depicts the addition of pop music to Mishka's repertoire more than every other on the album. This album's updated sound, can be partially attributed to Butch Walker, an incredibly talented musician and producer who has mastered the art of mixing alternative rock and pop music seamlessly. Walker lent his collaborative skills to Mishka after an introduction of the two to each other by McConaughey. Other excellent tracks on this album include the title track, "Dead End Streets," and the pot-smoker-friendly tune "Homegrown" which featured a guest appearance by Willie Nelson. After already receiving major critical praise for his previous albums, especially his last which debut at the top of the reggae charts, he manages to again wow the music world with his unique take on traditional reggae mixed with modern alternative music.