CD REVIEW: Tyler James "It Took The Fire"

It's been a long time coming for Tyler James' debut full length album to be released, but it's finally here. Previous to now he's released a few EPs, appeared on a few compilations, and lent his vocal talents to an electronic track by Morgan Page. On this album he spares no expense by bringing back a few pieces of gold from his first few releases. "Sweet Relief" and "Down To The Garden" are two of these gems, and their reworkings on this album take them to the next level. Two of the best songs written in recent years are included as well, "Don't Leave" and "Stay Humble," both of which appeared on James' first EP. "Stay Humble" is better than ever and is sure to be the song that makes Tyler James a star. "Don't Leave" is slowed down just a bit to really focus on the lyrical content. Of his new tunes, two songs stand out immensely. "All I Got" is a slow jazzy tune about love that features some cool horns. The other is "Soapbox Shakedown" which is a lyrical masterpiece and showcases Tyler's ability to tell a story through song while still showcasing his musicality. Tyler James is truly one of the most underrated independent musicians on the scene these days, but once the masses grasp hold of this album he is sure to become the next big thing.