CD REVIEW: The Disco Biscuits "Planet Anthem"

This is an unusual turn for one of the inventors of the modern jam band movement. The Disco Biscuits have become a full force alternative electronic band. Still, their live elements are what define them. This, their newest studio album, the first since 2002, is a defining moment in the band's career. It is with this album that the Disco Biscuits have finally become accessible to the mass music consuming community. Some of their best, most listener friendly songs appear on this album. "On Time," the album's first single, is a techno rock song that you could hear everywhere from alternative rock radio to your local dance club. Fans of Phish will enjoy this album just as much as fans of Radiohead and Coldplay. Live electronic music seems to be gaining popularity lately with STS9 leading the way, and the Disco Biscuits have decided not to follow. Instead, with this album and songs like "You and I" and "Konkrete" the band has bent many genres into their own unique one, thus leading themselves down their own path. With a truly unique and inventive album, the Disco Biscuits have made themselves one of the this year's newest bands to watch.