CD REVIEW: Snow Patrol "Up To Now"

It's hard to believe that Snow Patrol have been around long enough to have a "Best Of" collection, but it is always forgotten that these Brits had released three albums before making a splash stateside. This collection of songs, spanning two discs, includes all their greatest songs from all their albums, including the independent records released before "Final Straw." Highlights of this two disc set include the hit singles "Chasing Cars," "Crack The Shutters," "Run," "Take Back The City," and "Hands Open." Also included are new songs such as the single "Just Say Yes" and a new version of "An Olive Grove Facing The Sea." The band's collaboration with Martha Wainwright, "Set Fire To The Third Bar," also makes an appearance as well as their incredible cover of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love." Each disc culminates with a live version of two of the bands most popular singles: "Run" and "Chasing Cars." This album is truly for the die hard fan of Snow Patrol, however, anyone just in it for the hit songs will be pleasantly surprised to hear how good the lesser known Snow Patrol music is as well.