CD REVIEW: Train "Save Me, San Francisco"

Sometimes all a band has to do is keep doing the same thing. Train is as solid as ever, even if their lineup has seen some changes over the years. One thing is for sure, the distinct bluesy rock vocals of lead singer Pat Monahan are as good as they ever have been. On their latest the formula is simple, combine great lyrics with great rock and roll music and you've got yourself a hit record. The first single "Hey, Soul Sister," could have been found on any of their previous albums, making their music almost seem timeless. The fact of the matter is that they have always written great songs and have made no excuses for sticking to what works. The band also pays homage to their influences on this album, featuring a song that interpolates a bit of the Doobie Brothers. No one could have ever guessed that these guys would still be making great music this many years after "Meet Virginia" hit the airwaves.