CD REVIEW: Akiva "If I Didn't Work Nights/The Daylight"

Akiva is one of the most underrated independent musicians out there today. His latest effort is a big bold step in the right direction, a double disc dual album featuring a handful of his best songs. Originally released as singles on MySpace, many of the songs on the album took on a life of there own even before the two discs became a reality. "I Keep Calling You," the track that starts the collection off, is quite possible Akiva's best song from any of his releases. "Junk In The Trunk" really shows off his lyrical genius, which is another reason to love this album. He has definitely mastered the fine art of the simple yet catchy pop song, but hasn't yet unleashed his full potential on the world. After hearing songs like "Allison" and "Lips On The Microphone" fans and music industry professionals are sure to stand up and take notice to this incredible talent. Any independent musician that takes a leap like releasing a double album without the backing of a label is daring, but when you have this level of talent, you don't need any extra help.