CD REVIEW: Jakob Dylan "Women & Country"

He has always been two things before being a solo artist: the lead singer of the Wallflowers and Bob Dylan's son. This means that everything he has done and will do as a solo artist will forever be compared to those two musical entities. That is, until now. Jakob Dylan has broken out of his own mold on this album, which blends together the style and energy of alt-country, indie rock, and every song you've ever listened to while on a cross country road trip. None of the songs on this album sound like his previous work, whether it's with the Wallflowers or on his own. None of the songs sound like his father's music reincarnated as a sound alike or a copycat. The lead single, "Nothing But The Whole Wide World," is the epitome of the entire album, showing off Dylan's subtle delivery and brilliant lyrics. The production of T-Bone Burnett and the addition of background vocals by Neko Case and Kelly Hogan add endless layers to the beautiful music, and is showcased on songs like "Down On Our Own Shield" and "Smile When You Call Me That." Jakob Dylan has entered a new phase in his musical career and he is going to make a lasting footprint, defining himself as one of this generation's best.