CD REVIEW: John Brown's Body "Amplify"

This reggae collective has been around the block a few times and have recently created their best recording ever. Their newest album, "Amplify," has the seamless combination of authentic reggae band and modern day jam band mixed with their finest studio production to date. Elliot Martin's vocals are perfect. The horns, the keys, the and strings all combine for an incredible interpretation of a very familiar style of music. The title track as well as "Give Yourself Over" encapsulate the band's past and current styles all rolled into one. It is fun to hear the band performing at their very best, listening to the familiarity of their live sound mixed with the inventiveness of their studio production. It is a sure thing that JBB will continue to make awesome reggae music, and now that they have their best album to date in their arsenal, they are sure to become a force in the reggae world.