CD REVIEW: Kai Brown "Share"

Kai Brown's newest release is a slight departure from his first album. The first, which was produced by Cary Pierce (Graham Colton, Jackopierce), has a more pop rock meets southern rock feel. This time, the Australian native, has more of a southern California pop feel to his music, which suits his style and his voice quite well. This outstanding collection of songs fits somewhere in between Graham Colton and Jack Johnson, with elements of both pop rock and sunshine soaked surf music mixed into each song. "Moments Like This" is an incredible love song set on the California coast, with lyrics that could entice many to use it as their wedding songs. In fact, most of the songs on the album are love songs, and "Sunday Morning" is another standout. Kai Brown is an excellent singer/songwriter and may have found just the musical style to catch his big break.