CD REVIEW: Sondre Lerche "Heartbeat Radio"

Sondre Lerche's brand of pop music has always been unparalleled and on his latest album he spares no expense at bring us more of the same. There are a ton of new classics on this album including the title track which is signature Lerche. His singsong style coupled with his love for jazz and big band music make this album fun and catchy. Another standout track on the album is "Like Lazenby," where Sondre likens himself to the onetime James Bond actor George Lazenby. Sondre Lerche is an excellent wordsmith and never ceases to amaze with his unique take on a simple musical art form. On "Heartbeat Radio," Sondre Lerche shows us that it's no surprise that Lerche has continued to release outstanding albums filled with interesting and unique pop music.