CD REVIEW: Aqualung "Magnetic North"

"Magnetic North" is another great album from young singer/songwriter Matt Hales, otherwise known as Aqualung. He always seems to hit it out of the park with each of his new albums, and this, his fourth, is another solid performance. There are a handful of really great songs on this album that are both catchy and artistic. The lead single, Fingertip," is already taking the world by storm and reintroducing music lovers to Aqualung's signature style that he amazed with on his debut album. Sara Bareilles lends her vocals talents (as she has been doing for a lot of musicians lately) to the track "Remember Us" which is a lyrically beautiful song. Other standout tracks include the title track and "New Friend." It's good to hear Aqualung back to true form, writing and performing excellent music, and reminding us that he is still the same musician we remember when he broke onto the scene five years ago.