CD REVIEW: Five Times August "Life As A Song"

In the independent pop rock scene Five Times August is one of the leaders. He's been doing this for quite some time, releasing a pretty extensive catalogue of music by himself. This latest album has him revisiting some of his very best songs and adding a few great new ones to the mix, showcasing that it's finally time for him to rub shoulders with the big guns. Songs like "Do It Again," "Better With You," and "Up To Me" could all easily hold their own on several formats of radio from top 40 to modern rock to AAA. FTA has a way with music that makes it fun, catchy, and easy to sing along with, which is a formula that has proved successful since the beginnings of popular music and radio. "Beautiful Girls" and "January Song" are excellent examples of his songwriting skills, and are songs that will be fan favorites for years to come. Five Times August is an incredibly talented musician and his newest album is a testament to the work he's put into his career and the promising future he is sure to have.