CD REVIEW: Pete Francis "The Movie We Are In"

In his most ambitious recording yet, Pete Francis never ceases to amaze with his wide range of musical abilities. This, his most commercially accessible album since "Untold," is a masterpiece going in an unfamiliar direction for typical Pete Francis fans, and certainly for fans of Dispatch. Pete got into the studio with some excellent musicians, many of whom have been doing it for a while with some very established musicians. For an independent artist like Francis to combine his talents with those of established music industry vets, only great things can happen. The album is filled with catchy tunes that are both easy to sing along to and still contain Pete's incredibly unconventional lyrics. Pete is a poet and a storyteller and songs like "Glue," Light Years," and "Good Man" show off some of his best lyrics since his first two albums. One of the catchier tunes on the album is the lead single "Love Shakes You Down." Coupled with an animated video by the same guy who did the album artwork, the song is bound to gain a whole new audience once it enters into heavy rotation on AAA radio. "Light Up My Day" is a feel good, summery song that features a horn section and is incredibly reminiscent of some of his work with Dispatch. Pete Francis insane guitar skills are showcased throughout the entire album, and die hard fans are sure to welcome the tangent taken with this album. With this album, Pete Francis has shows he is truly a musician that cannot be pinned down or pigeonholed, and fans of all styles of music from jam bands to alternative rock will find something to love on "The Movie We Are In."