CD REVIEW: Zach Deputy "Sunshine"

After having your tour van, equipment, and most of your worldly possessions stolen from you, the last thing that you can be thinking about is recording a new album. For Zach Deputy, the free spirited fun loving musician, that's exactly what the doctor ordered. The result, an incredible new album that combines both his love for reggae music, his jam band sensibility, his one-man-band approach at music, and his fun personality. The song "Paramus" is about his unfortunate incident involving the theft of his van. "The Way You Make Me Feel" is not a cover of the Michael Jackson song, but rather a feel good reggae tune that shows off Deputy's work with a full band. About half the album includes the full band and the other half has Zach pulling out all the stops and performing all of the instruments. "Stay" shows off Deputy's true musicianship and has a very old school bluesy vibe. The entire album is awesome and Zach Deputy does a wonderful job bringing the fun right to the listeners. It's a rarity to actually hear how much fun a musician has while performing, but Zach Deputy displays that quality to the max.