CD REVIEW: Boyce Avenue "All We Have Left"

All We Have Left
Boyce Avenue is a bright new band that has already made a pretty huge name for themselves independently online. Their newest release is their first on a major label and has them plugging in and letting go (their acoustic sessions digital albums are incredibly awesome). The boys in the band have created music that is reminiscent of everyone from Sister Hazel and Vertical Horizon to Kings Of Leon and Lifehouse. Their brand of rock is refreshing and familiar, and their songwriting skills are incredible. The first single "Every Breath" is sure to blow up on the charts as, along with newcomers Alpha Rev and Green River Ordinance, they are poised to become part of a new breed of band whose music is catchy, youthful, and inventive. Boyce Avenue's debut major label effort is an excellent one, and as a stepping stone to success, the entire collection of music is brilliant.