CD REVIEW: Donavon Frankenreiter "Revisited"

Redoing an album is not the most traditional thing to do. When Donavon Frankenreiter decided to take a new stab at his self titled debut album, he decided not to redo the album, but revisit and reinvent the music that was so excellent already the first time around. He decided to take 10 songs from his debut album and reinterpret the music using traditional Hawaiian instruments and styles, adding a tropical vibe to his already sunsoaked tunes. The end result is an album unlike any other. The lyrics and vibe of the music is so perfect for this style. There are no guest vocalists this time around, and songs like "Free" and "What'cha Know About" take on a whole new life this time around. "Heading Home," "Call Me Papa," and "Butterfly" are all perfect suited for this style of music, and the lyrics mold beautifully with Frankenreiters new take on the music. Donavon Frankenreiter continues to be an incredibly unique and inventive singer/songwriter, and with each new composition he always ads a whole new spin on his great music. He's quite an eccentric soul, and this album shows a new side to him and his music that is just plain awesome.