CD REVIEW: Ernie Halter "Franklin & Vermont"

Franklin & Vermont
Ernie Halter is one of the most talented musicians making music independently these days. He is the epitome of what it means to "do your own thing." He mixes soul and R&B with folk and rock music for a sound that is distinctively all his own. His latest album combines more of a folksy sound with his soulfulness, but still features a few tunes like "Hard To Let A Good Love Go" and "Yes I Am" that are upbeat and funky. The single "Gone" and other songs such as "Angel" and "Come Home To Me" are much more acoustic and intimate, and really showcase some of Halter's best songwriting. As always he included a few cover songs on the album, including "In My Place" which is quite possibly the best cover version of a Coldplay song ever recorded. Ernie Halter is not as appreciated a musician as he should be, but that just means that his loyal fans and new listeners can own his music and hold it close to them. Halter's lyrics and musicianship are outstanding, and this new album is certainly a high point in his career.