CD REVIEW: Stars "The Five Ghosts"

The Five Ghosts
For fans of indie rock, Stars have always been one of those bands that has epitomized the sound. Equal parts Feist and Death Cab For Cutie, Stars has found a way to harness the subtle energy and poignant lyricism of heartfelt indie rock and paint a sonic picture with their music. Drawing from all the best parts of all their previous recordings, "The Five Ghosts," the band's first on Vagrant Records, takes them band to a new level with their music. The production quality has been stepped up, and the album as a whole is better than it's parts as individual songs. "Dead Hearts," "Fixed," and "Wasted Daylight" will easily become songs that define Stars to a mass audience that they have yet to reach. The dual vocalists, one male and one female, is a quality that is unseen in popular music these days, and sets the band apart from all its peers. Stars has always been a diamond in the rough, unrecognized by the masses for their talent and their beautiful music, and this album stands to be their breakout from obscurity.