CD REVIEW: The Cat Empire "Cinema"

Possible one of the most entertaining bands making music today, The Cat Empire are back with a brand new album that has them going to all sorts of new directions with their music. Rooted in world music styles, mostly Reggae and Latin, the entire album twists and turns with a funkiness and darkness that this band has not developed before. There are elements of urban funk and hip hop in the instrumentation, while the vocal delivery by both singers is spot on. The cleverness of their unconventional instrumentation is intriguing, and adds layer upon layer to the music. Their typical fun party band style is still evident on tracks like "Falling," without being too over the top and taking away from the depth of the album." Standouts include "Feeling's Gone" and "On My Way" which will surely be huge hits in the US and their native Australia. The biggest surprise on the album, and a potentially overlooked gem, is "Only Light" which has an almost 70's psychedelic rock feel to it and is vaguely reminiscent of Pink Floyd. The Cat Empire is one of the world's best bands, and they have proven that you don't have to follow the same path or use the same mold as everyone else to be successful and create great music. This album is their most artistic to date and shows off the band's range, ablility, and creativity even more than ever before.