CD REVIEW: Kina Grannis "Stairwells"

Kina Grannis is one of those unique souls that doesn't come along very often. Her music is beautifully written and performed and shows the signs of a seasoned veteran of the music industry. Although the album was independently produced and released, the music shows no lacking qualities that you might find without the presence of a label or super producer. Songs like "Strong Enough" and "In Your Arms" are ready to make waves on radio right now, and could easily become Grannis' breakout hits, catapulting her to stardom. She is surely the next Sara Bareilles or Colbie Caillat, as her music fits in the same vein and she delivers it with the same subtlety and intensity. Kina Grannis is everything that her music makes her out to be: a great songwriter, and beautiful singer, and an artistic soul. "Stairwells" is the culmination of her journey towards greatness, and she has certainly achieved it.