CD REVIEW: STS9 "Axe The Cables"

Since this is a band that is known for breaking down barriers and creating intensely creative live electronic music, it is no wonder that they have decided to release a collection of tunes that takes an incredible left turn from where they are right now. STS9 started out as just an instrumental jam band, with similarities in style to Phish and the Grateful Dead, but slowly morphed into pioneers of the jam dance scene and live electronic music. This performance has the guys returning to their roots, unplugging their instruments and dropping the sampling and turntables for a more organic sound. Not since the band was known by their full name, Sound Tribe Sector 9, have they released music with this level of energy and creativity. They showcase their true musicianship in each song on this release, and on songs like "Kamuy" they reinvent classic electronic tunes in a whole new way. When STS9 perform and release music, you can never be sure exactly what you are going to get, but the end result is always and outstanding display of artistry and instrumentation. This one is no exception, and it offers us a reminder of the roots of the band, and refresh out love for their ever changing and inventive style.