CD REVIEW: Tonic "Tonic"

Another 90's success story has returned a little over a decade later to reinvent themselves. Only this time, no reinvention is needed. The boys in the band did a lot of their own stuff (musically) during their hiatus, and that has made their newest record, which they fittingly self titled, a great one. As the guys are older, the music is less about the rock and more about the soul. The album is incredibly lyrics driven, and reaches out to their core fans ina huge way. As their fans have grown, so have they, and although you can head their 90's alternative rock style coming through in many of the tracks on this album, musically the album is more of an accessible disc to fans of all styles of rock. Less big guitars, and more acoustic, Tonic leads the way with the single "Release Me," and showcases exactly how they became huge stars in the 90's. They sure know how to right great pop rock songs, and this new disc is full of them. It could be the second incarnation of their career, but it looks like Tonic has found themselves once again, and picked it all right up where they left off.