CD REVIEW: Trevor Hall "Chasing The Flame: On The Road With Trevor Hall"

Chasing The Flame: On The Road With Trevor Hall
Trevor Hall has always been a unique soul, but one thing is for sure: the dude can rock. His blend of acoustic folk, spiritual lyrics, and unmatched energy is in full display on his latest live release. This disc contains many of the songs off his most recent self titled album, some of which are being released as live recordings for the first time. The album also featured the three unreleased songs "Sa Re Ga," "Poem," and "Da Lion," which sees a guest appearance of percussionist Leon Mobley of Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals. Highlights of the album include "Origami Crane," "Who You Gonna Turn To" and "Other Ways." Trevor unleashes his live energy to the fullest on "Unity" and "Where's The Love," which also contains lyrical snippets of the songs "Handlebars" by Flobots, "Jerusalem" by Matisyahu, and "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. The fan favorite "The Lime Tree" is one of the best live recordings Hall has ever released, and with this being the fifth release to contain the song, it's hard to escape its awesomeness. Trevor and his band really show off their superior live energy and love for music in each and every song on the album, and this compilation of recordings from his 2009-2010 tour is the next best thing to having been there.