CD REVIEW: Arman Srsa "Underneath The Sun"

Underneath the Sun
Arman Srsa is a bit of an international mutt. He was born in Croatia, raised in South Africa, and recorded his new album in Argentina, a place he currently calls home. That all being said, it's hard, from his music, to really decipher where he is from, being that it sounds a whole lot like much of the mellow indie and folk rock being released by bands from the US, UK, and Australia. Regardless of where the music comes from, or sounds like it comes from, it's still pretty darn good. It mixed typical mellow folk similar to Jack Johnson with acoustic reggae for a unique twist on a familiar sound. Fans of Jack Johnson will love the similarities of Srsa's music, particularly on "Shine On Me" and "Trouble All Around," which are two of the album's best tracks. The Bob Marley fan will fall deeply in love with "Passer By" with is mellow reggae vibe and summery feel. Arman Srsa is a great unknown talent that is sure to gain tons of fans once their ears take in this album.