CD REVIEW: Carl Broemel "All Birds Say"

All Birds Say
My Morning Jacket's guitarist Carl Broemel has branched out on his own for the second time, this time releasing an incredibly mellow folk album on ATO Records. Broemel, known for his classic rock style guitar riffs with MMJ has taken a huge left turn with this album showing off his inner Bob Dylan. Broemel, a master of many instruments, almost performs every single musical part in each song. "Carried Away" and "Life Leftover" are lyrically poetic. Elements of jazz and classic 50's era pop are sprinkled throughout the midwest folk compositions making for a collection of music that is unlike any other recently released folk recording. "Enough" is probably the most interesting recording on the disc, combining modern synth beats with old school folk. The album sounds both new and classic at the same time and Carl Broemel definitely can have a solo career if something horrible happens and MMJ calls it quits.