CD REVIEW: Dawn Mitschele "In The Moonlight"

In the Moonlight
The world may seem to be saturated by female singer/songwriters who are seemingly doing the same thing. But, the fact remains, that it just so happens that the ladies are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Tristan Prettyman, Sara Bareilles, and Colbie Caillat have all reaped the rewards of this and now Dawn Mitschele is here to claim a piece of the pie for her self. Her latest release is a collection of mellow and heartfelt tunes that are anchored by her incredibly subdued vocals. Her songs "Float Like A Feather" and "Dominoes" are reinterpretations of previously released songs, and on this album they have become some of the highlights. Her lead track "Water" is a lyrical masterpiece and the album's key track. She can be somewhat labeled the feminine answer to Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, but her music is so unique it's hard to compare or categorize her. Dawn is one to watch as the women of the music world take join the boys at the top.