CD REVIEW: Ingram Hill "Look Your Best"

Look Your Best
Without the burden of a major recording contract, making music can be fun, sound great, and define you as a band. Ingram Hill has come full circle from being an unknown indie band, to a major label standout, back to an indie band, only this time people know who they are and really want to hear their new stuff. Well, the wait is over, and "Look Your Best" has the band looking their best with some of their best tunes since before anyone cared who they were. "As Long As I'm With You," the album's lead single, could be the band's best song since the original indie release of "Will I Ever Make It Home." "Ready For The Sun" is another of the album's standout tracks. The band has outdone themselves and have proven that making great music is the core of who they are. They have proven that the band they always were is the band that they still are, and the music industry certainly didn't get in the way of the music.