CD REVIEW: Jason Mraz "Beautiful Mess - Live On Earth"

Jason Mraz's Beautiful Mess - Live On Earth (CD/DVD)
Jason Mraz has been having an awesome string of success since the release of his last studio album. He has reinvented himself and really developed a sound that is truly and uniquely his own. What made him great in the beginning and what makes him great now is all summed up on his latest CD/DVD release which features him perfoming his incredible music live. Many of his hit songs are included on the album such as "I'm Yours" and "The Remedy" which takes on a new life as Mraz breathes some reggae vibes into the arrangement. Colbie Caillat joins Jason live on stage to perform their hit duet "Lucky" and his horn section gets to go it alone and showcase their skills on "Copchase." The album is speckled with unreleased music and has many of the songs from his last studio album on it as well, but the true highlight of the disc comes when the band does a killer rention of Lionel Richie's "All Night Long," which sounds almost brand new and as if Mraz had written it himself. Overall, Jason Mraz & Co. have proven that their success does not only lie on the radio and in music videos, but their abilities and energy are second to none on stage.