CD REVIEW: Jesse Harris "Through The Night"

Through The Night
Jess Harris became well known as the Grammy award winning songwriter of the Norah Jones hit single "Don't Know Why." But, what many people don't know is that Jesse Harris is an incredible musician on his own, and he has released eight excellent albums of his own music. This latest album, the first in a double album release, shows off his jazz roots with light pop music that is full of soul. "Tough As Water" and "Put It Out Of Your Mind" are the album's standout tracks. The entire collection of music is so incredibly natural and organic and is the true mark of a superior songwriter. Not only are the lyrics magical and poetic, but they are sung over a backdrop of music that is beautifully written and performed. With this album, coupled with the pending release of a fully instrumental album, Jesse Harris is showing the world why his Grammy award is the real deal, and with or without Norah, he would have won one eventually.