CD REVIEW: Musket "Draw Ramrods"

Draw Ramrods
Musket is a new side project from Eric Lyman of the band Slackstring, and featured a completely different sound that we are used to hearing from him. Musket is a band that is more on the indie side of things, stepping away from the usual SoCal acoustic laid back vibe that Lyman's other band is known for. Pro surfer Brad Gerlach is also a member of the band. The music is hard to describe, as it draws its elements from all different styles of rock music. It's got a hard edge at times and at other times is as mellow as it gets, but in each song it's the musical guitars and drums that shine. It's the kind of music you'd hear in action sports videos for things like skateboarding and surfing. Musket may not turn out to be the next great rock sensation, but their music is awesome and it's nice to hear a different side of southern California.