CD REVIEW: Trombone Shorty "Backatown"

This is not your grandma's jazz music. Trombone Shorty takes jazz and mixes it with a whole lot of funk on his newest album, showing off his brass instrument in ways that it has never been showcased before. It's always fun to hear music that is out of the ordinary. And, even though the style of music that you get from this album is familiar and accessible, it's the fact that Trombone Shorty is the purveyor causes all the excitement. Lenny Kravitz and New Orleans' own Marc Broussard lend their vocal abilities to a few of the tracks, adding a bit of rock and roll into the funky mix. Firing on all cylinders, the entire album hits hard from end to end in a fury of fantastic horn madness and proves that even a trombone can rock as hard as any instrument.