CD REVIEW: Carbon Leaf "How The West Was One"

How The West Was One
Carbon Leaf's newest musical endeavor is their first independently released collection of studio recordings since 2001's "Echo Echo." Following up their stint as soundtrackers for the "Curious George" animated sequel, the new EP features music that is a bit of a sidestep for Carbon Leaf. Most of the music is down tempo and several of the songs clock in at over five minutes. "If I Were A Cowboy" is the EP standout performance taking on a bit of a country vibe, while "Native America" and "Midwestern Girl" are the two tracks that are more along the signature Carbon Leaf sound. Being that they've labeled this set Volume One, there is bound to be a second collection released, and possibly more, but for now, these 7 songs are just what fans need to satisfy their need or new Carbon Leaf music.