CD REVIEW: Graham Isaacson "The Primer EP"

The Primer EP
A weary, smoky, and scratchy voice is what you hear in each an every note that Graham Isaacson sings. He is not broken or lost. In fact, he is just the opposite. He sings with emotion and vigor and his deep dark voice is the backbone of some intense songs, that sometimes don't even have intense subject matter. On his latest EP he continues to amaze and mix it up with instrumentation and arrangements that don't always match his Johnny Cash vocal vibe. "Shot Me At Sunrise" is his closest thing to a Cash song, and the EP's significant standout. "Hot Lovin' Lady" "Angel Underneath" are also excellent tracks. Isaacson is a unique soul and an individual that makes music at his own pace, on his own terms, and in his own way. His music comes from an honest place and is delivered with the same honesty. His latest EP proves that he is a singer not to be overlooked.